Monday, May 18, 2009

Lincoln Street Green Strip

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Lincoln Street Green Strip (which I wrote about previously) today.

Here's some photos I took of it last week.




In my mind, the noteworthy aspects include that it:

  • Is a significant improvement

  • Reflects community input

  • Came in in budget (apparently)

  • Is designed to be low maintenance (mostly volunteer, if I understand correctly).

I think the latter is especially important during the inevitable times of stress on the city's budget (like now).
Here's the artists' description

Monday, May 4, 2009

No detailed masking

Here's something that I wouldn't have thought possible without detailed masking around the "sharpened supports"

barcelona_  057.jpg


It was just a Tiffen Filter combo of (from bottom to top)

  • Bleach Bypass 5

  • Depth of Field: Highlight Blur (with an increased range parameter)

  • Color looks: Sunset

PS: Yes, I also think its cool